Management Team

Vice President of Corporate Affairs

Mr. Salehaldin Bin Nasron (Azhar)

Primarily responsible for corporate communication, government liaison and corporate governance of our Group.

Group Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Tan Zong Yuan (Kelvin)

Responsible for managing the finance functions of our Group, which include financial planning and review, cash flow management and financial reporting.

Executive Director

Ms. Lim Chue Wan (Josephine)

Primarily responsible for overseeing our Group’s corporate, finance, treasury and accounting matters.

Managing Director / Group Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Tee Kim Chin (Christina)

Primary responsible for the overall strategy and corporate direction of our Group.

Executive Director

Ms. Tee Kim Yok (Ivy)

Primarily responsible for government liaison and corporate social responsibility (CSR), and environment, social and governance of our Group.

Executive Director

Mr. Alex Miranda Juntado

Primarily responsible for the business development of our Group.

Chief Technology Officer

Mr Wu Jung Wai (Edmund)

Primarily responsible for corporate technology and research and development of our Group.

Vice President of Operations

Mr. Teo Hui Seng (Cliff)

Primarily responsible for the operation functions of our Group.